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LED Sacred Geometry Triangle Wall Art 24"

LED Sacred Geometry Triangle Wall Art 24"

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Bring the vibes of cosmic light to your space with this Sacred Geometry LED triangle. These are hand made, custom programmed with over 30 beautiful, relaxing LED patterns.

This shape of triangle is the most basic Yantra, and one of the most powerful shapes found in Sacred Geometry.

This version features symmetrical patterns and is designed to be mounted pointing downward, representing the Water Element. (other geometric shapes coming soon!)

The triangle LED's emits beautiful dream like colors, the carefully programmed patterns and colors flow in harmony with the universe, emulating shooting stars, light vibration energy, and the trinity of mind, body and spirit. 

These are not mass produced, these are custom designed, hand crafted with care and love in the Cosmic Playa warehouse. This is designed to bring peace, light and love to your space. 

These are designed to be extremely simple. No App is needed, no assembly required, simply hang on the wall and plug into outlet and enjoy the incredible vibes. When powered on, the default setting is to cycle through the 30+ presets, or you can push the button until you find the perfect preset pattern that resonates with your vibes. 

Includes power supply, power cord and hand painted wood LED triangle. Measures 24" in width. Ships from our AZ, USA warehouse. 

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