Meet the crew

What's up Aliens?! We are Jeff, Mariesa, and Chacho. We met cosmically nearly 5 years ago, and have been inseparable ever since, traveling the world, growing our businesses, hosting events, and making Reggae/Dubstep music. We started The Cosmic Playa as a mission to connect us all a little bit more through art, music, dance, yoga, and fashion. We've both been doing this all for a very long time, and are proud to share the culmination of our travels and years of business: The Cosmic Playa. It's more than a store, it's an idea that we are all on this earth until we fly out of here, so let's get to know each other.  Along with our fun sunglasses and festival wear, we host several events every year at our private music venue at our warehouse, as well as our home, the Cosmic Villa in Fountain Hills, AZ. (Subscribe to be notified of these events) Please drop us a message and say hello or ask us a question, we'll get back to each and every one of you! We've got good Vibes going out to all of you beautiful souls, and we'll see you on the Playa!


4 time burner, dog mom to Chacho, business owner, fashion model, dancer and (former) yoga instructor. Those of us lucky enough to be in her life know she is one of the sweetest, humble souls you will ever meet. She brings her background in marketing and her impeccable style and fashion. You might even see her modeling one or two of our products....


Father of 5 (4 humanoids and Chacho), owner of, former BMX master, current reggae producer/singer/songwriter and band leader of Tropic Vibration.


We've traveled the world together, played music with some of our heroes, and made so many amazing connections.  Our hope is our items strike up a conversation, that we can make a little difference in someones life in some way. 

Where it all happens

We work out of our 5500 sq ft warehouse in Phoenix, AZ, where our staff carefully picks and packs your order from the rows upon rows of sunglasses. We also have a section that is set aside as a creative space that is a recording studio, private live music venue, and green screen video studio.

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