Shady Psychology: The Science Behind Why Sunglasses Make Us Look Hotter

Shady Psychology: The Science Behind Why Sunglasses Make Us Look Hotter

Shades are the ultimate accessory for any season, be it winter or summer and some iconic celebrities (see Karl Lagerfeld) even wear them at night! For many of us, sunglasses can instantly make us look more attractive. But why is that? What is it about shades that have us looking and feeling hotter? We’ve got the answer for you. It’s time to get to know the shady psychology behind why sunglasses make us sexier.

#1 - Sunglasses Create An Air Of Mystery 

The eyes are the windows to the soul. They’re our most expressive and revealing feature, conveying emotions and feelings in a way that nothing else can. To keep some mystery and intrigue, sunglasses come into the picture. By covering the eyes, we can present ourselves in a more mysterious way, instantly becoming more alluring. With sunglasses we can make a statement without really saying anything.

On a deeper level, we may be drawn to those who wear sunglasses because they don’t reveal their true feelings. We may be fascinated by the secrecy of what lies behind the lenses. It can be a way to capture the attention of a potential partner with just a glance.

#2 - Sunglasses Add Facial Symmetry, Which Is Visually Appealing

Sunglasses create the illusion of a more balanced face by bringing attention to the jawline and creating facial symmetry. Having a symmetrical face is viewed as aesthetically pleasing, and sunglasses can help create a more balanced look. Research has also found that people are more likely to be attracted to those with symmetrical faces, regardless of age or gender.

#3 - Sunglasses Cover Up Facial Flaws

Another benefit of wearing sunglasses is that they can help us look younger. Dark lenses will cover any dark circles, wrinkles, or asymmetrical oddities around the eyes, making the face appear softer and less flawed.

Everyone knows sunglasses help cover up eye bags after a long night out. They can also help us appear more youthful by covering up crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes. They can help us look refreshed and vibrant, even if we’re not feeling our best. 

The fact that sunglasses can help us look younger and more attractive is backed up by science. A recent study found that people underestimate the age of those wearing sunglasses by more than 4 years, on average.


#4 - Sunglasses Make You More Confident

Sunglasses can be our protective shield from the world, making us feel more confident and attractive. When we feel good about how we look, we’re more likely to be confident in our interactions with others.

A flattering set of shades can help us feel more comfortable in our own skin. We’re less likely to worry about how others perceive us and more likely to be outgoing and engaging. This type of energy is always enticing and can be a major draw for those around us.

So there you have it, the psychology behind why sunglasses make us look hotter. By covering our eyes and creating an air of mystery, adding facial symmetry, and helping us look more youthful and confident, sunglasses can instantly make us look more attractive. So the next time you’re looking for a way to boost your sex appeal, grab a pair of shades and show off your shady side.


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